► WHAT’S NEXT IN Q1 of 2018?

Apart from refining the TAGsparency Solution in collaboration with our Partners (Food Producers, Retailers and Consumers), we have decided to participate to 2 initiatives and competitions during the Q1 of 2018:

► SOCIAL CHALLENGES . EU - Innovation Platform

We proposed to adapt TAGsparency for the specific needs of underpriviledged communities in Coventry that called for

an innovative technology solution to enable in real time identification of surplus food (supermarkets, shops etc), matching it with communities in need (organisations and individuals), mapping transportation and organising timely collection and distribution. Brought together in a systematic solution that would extend to raise awareness of the issue and educate communities about healthy eating.

TAGsparency aims at solving societal problems and we are looking forward to build a dedicated module that will address this challenge

► HORIZON 2020 - TagItSmart! - A Smart Tags driven service platform for enabling ecosystems of connected objects.